7 Reasons Why You Should Hire a New Real Estate Agent

You are ready to list your home for sale and buy a new one. So, you are looking for real estate agents online, you ask friends for referrals or you find an advertisement by a Realtor offering her services. After interviewing 2 or 3 of them, you really like that young, energetic agent who just got his real estate license, but did not close a single deal, yet.

What should you do? 

Hire the "inexperienced" agent who really seems to care about you and your house, or the "seasoned" top-producer who has been in business for 20 plus years, employs 5 assistants and closes 20 deals a month?

I suggest you hire the new (young) agent to help you sell or buy your house.

Here are my 7 reasons why ...

  1. Availability New agents are usually not that busy. They can devote more time to you. This also means they will spend more time marketing your property, preparing better marketing materials, and doing more open houses.
  2. Commitment New agents are totally committed to you and your property. They don't have 30 other listings to service or 10 different buyers to drive around. If you are their only customer, you will get all of their attention. And they want to do a good job to build their real estate career.
  3. Technology Young new agents will use the latest technology to market your property and manage the transaction. They are very comfortable with the Internet, with social media and digital marketing. They will give your property more exposure through technology than a 30 year veteran who is still faxing contracts and has a hard time using email on a smartphone.
  4. Enthusiasm New real estate licensees are full of energy. They just started their new business and will make the extra effort to succeed. Their enthusiasm is contagious. Wouldn't you rather work with a young agent who beams with energy than someone who doesn't care?
  5. Network New agents are well networked with a new generation of buyers. There's a good chance your buyer will be of similar age like your agent. It will be easy for them to connect with other agents and spread the word about your listing on social media.
  6. Communication New agents are mobile and live with their smartphones. This means they can get back to you instantly, text you anytime, sign documents digitally, and even send you a short video while on the road.
  7. Mentors & Coaches I am totally convinced that the new agent you hire has an experienced mentor or broker to back him up. Career minded young professionals have a strong desire to work with a coach to make sure the transaction goes well. As a customer you get the best of both worlds: the experience of the mentor and the enthusiasm and commitment of the new agent. When new agents are mentored, the mentors often join them on listing appointments and offer the customer to call the mentor, if they have any questions or concerns.


When Not to hire a New Agent

Not every new agent will be right for your job. You shouldn't hire a new agent, if he does not have the full support of his broker or mentor. I also suggest you pick only full-time agents who are committed to the business and don't treat it as a hobby.


If you are impressed with the new agent, go for it! Give the him a chance and you will be surprised about the quality of service you receive. You will have a better buying or selling experience, and you may boost a new agents confidence to succeed in this business.


That's exactly what happened to another new agent in my office. A seller found her website and wanted to "give the new guy a chance." Not only did she sell his listing in just 2 days to a cash buyer, she also won 2 more listings the same week!