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Have you or someone you know ever worked with a "disappearing agent," you know, the kind that never communicates in person or by phone and never gives you a straight answer to what's going on. I AM NOT THAT AGENT. I promise that I will be in regular communication with you, by whatever form of communication you prefer. I will be there for you 24/7. This was so important to my brokerage, we made it our name! RE/MAX 24/7.


In order to provide a top-tier service, it is crucial for all professionals to continually educate and improve themselves. The more an agent knows about the Real Estate market, the better served are his clients.


Loving what you do reflects on the people you interact with and the job well done. This passion for helping others underlies all aspects of the selling process.


With degree in management and extensive experience in customer service I take what I do very seriously. I understand the financial commitment you make when you decide to sell and it's certainly not small. As a RE/MAX agent I work on your behalf FULL-TIME to ensure a job well done.  




Keeping track and managing all appointments, from all hours of the day and night can be stressful. Arranging these appointments is part of the services provided to all Sellers.


Often Buyers and their Real Estate Agents have many question regarding the terms of the sale, and the house. Answering these inquiries is part of the services provided to all Sellers.


Market evaluations are provided to all potential sellers free of charge. Current listings and recent sales of houses are analyzed and contrasted. An approximation of value is determined and marketing strategies discussed.


Purchase offers are full of legal details that are at times difficult to understand. When offers come in, at a minimum you must understand what is being offered. Guiding through offers is a part of the services provided to all Sellers.


The Real Estate Agent representing the Buyer has the Buyer's best interest in mind. Having an experienced Seller Agent in your corner ensures that your needs are being represented and defended.


First impressions stick in the minds of potential Buyers. In order to sell your house at top value, presentation is key. Lighting techniques, furniture placement, cleaning, and clutter removal are discussed.


Once a Sale Agreement has been finalized, the paperwork is sent off to Seller's title company or lawyer for final closing preparations. Working with these individuals, and ensuring they have everything they need is part of the services provided to all Sellers.

A Comprehensive Marketing Plan


Open House

Marketing is all about exposure. an open house allows for the general public to walk in and get excited. Open houses are conducted as needed on Saturdays or Sundays until sold.

Photo Gallery

A large gallery of high definition photos, ordered smartly for the flow of the home, are always available for potential Buyers to browse at their leisure. 

HD Photos

Say goodbye to those dark and blurry images that you have almost certainly experienced on other listings. We provide crisp high definition photos of your home. These images are can be zoomed to show crisp detail and highlight your property's best features. Check out the samples below!

HD Video 

Be one of the very few sellers offering high definition walk through video! RE/MAX 24/7 is one of the first to utilize this technology. Rest assured that this isn't a bunch of photos stitched together or a camera spinning in circles making you dizzy, but a true walk-through designed to give viewers a life like impression of the home. This gives you the ability to hold "showings" to buyers 24/7 and there's a strong chance buyers who visit the home in-person after seeing the walk-through will already be more committed to making an offer. Check out the video sample below (make sure to set the quality to HD under settings).


Print Advertising

Marketing a home for sale requires reaching potential Buyers in multiple formats. Print advertisements are effective and serve as a physical reminder of the unique qualities of your listing.

On-Line Advertising

Our lives are becoming ever more intertwined with the internet. Nearly everyone today has access to high speed internet at home and in their pockets. Reaching the growing internet savvy crowd is important to properly market your home. Potential Buyers want instant access to information, photos, videos, and virtual tours. The more online traffic that surrounds your home, the larger the buzz and potentially greater volumes of Buyers to come through your home.

On-Site Advertising

Naturally, yard signs, open houses, flyers, and brokers tours, are a key part of the marketing service.

The RE/MAX Advertising Advantage

The Columbus market is heating up. 


Is your neighborhood?


See the Columbus Market as of February 2015.

Home Staging

What Is Staging?

Staging is a globally recognized service that highlights the best features of your home and to make it standout above the competition to maximize the sales potential. It is the process of preparing the interior and exterior of any house for sale, regardless of price or location, large or small, vacant or lived-in.

Staging seeks to optimize the selling power of any house by arranging the furnishings and possessions in a way that makes the house even more appealing to a buyer. You want to highlight the house’s best features and to down play any possible distractions. We provide a positive first impression for the buyer entering their potential new home. A series of positive impressions will set the tone for their tour. That all leads up to emotionally connecting the buyer to the home.

Benefits of Staging Your Home

Staged homes are the first to be seen and the first to be sold. The decision to stage your property maybe one of the most important decisions you make, as you get ready to market your home. It may be tempting to sell “as is” hoping that the right buyer comes along, however making the right impression of your property will give the buyer a better vision of its value. Let Connie Barnes and her Team assist you with your staging and get a head start on selling your home.

First impressions are lasting impressions. Usually, your Realtor® has only one opportunity to make a lasting first impression. Let’s work together to make sure it is a positive impression.

Competing In Your Real Estate Marketplace

Homes must be priced right and look better than the competition. People will not over-pay, but they will pay a premium for “the best” real estate property on the Market.

Before Buyers decide to buy, they need to mentally move their own belongings into the home. If a home has too much or too little in it, it is difficult for most Buyers to visualize how their own belongings will look in the home. Most people buy on emotion; therefore we want to emotionally connect them to your home.

In this competitive real estate market, staging has become the tool of choice that gives homeowners and Realtors® the edge over the competition.

Tips on Preparing Your Home "FOR SALE"

Today the selling process can be surprisingly time consuming and emotionally challenging. Buyers will criticize a place that's likely become more than just four walls and a roof to you...and to top it all off they might be offering you less than what you think your home is worth.


Buyers are always looking for a deal, so making sure all necessary repairs and maintenance are done will help to eliminate their negative checklist. I can provide you with checklists that will help you prepare your home for marketing and sale.


Start packing early! Buyers need to envision themselves living in your home. To help them achieve this vision, you should remove all distractions by packing away personal photos and collectibles. This will allow buyers to imagine the home as their own and not someone else’s.


You have only one chance to make a great first impression. If buyers walk into your home and smell smoke, pets, or strong cooking odors, they may be turned off and either cross your home off their list, or reduce their offer price.


Now that you’ve decided to sell your home, try to start thinking of yourself as a business person and a home seller, rather than a home owner. By looking at the transaction from a purely financial prospective, you’ll distance yourself from the emotional aspects of selling a property in which you’ve undoubtedly created many memories.

Also, try to remember how you felt when you were shopping for your home. Most buyers will also be in an emotional state. You are selling not just a piece of property, but also an image—a dream and a lifestyle.


Your home’s first impression is a lasting one, so show potential buyers that your home has been well maintained by making sure it sparkles. Dirty homes are a big turnoff for buyers.

Tip: Make sure to pay close attention to the condition of the front door and hardware. This is the first interaction your potential buyer will have with your home. If the door is weathered, hard to open, or otherwise unattractive, it sends a negative signal to the buyer.


Buyers can have a hard time visualizing how furniture can fit into a room, so you need to show them. If you have your dining room set up as a kids’ play room, most buyers will not be able to see themselves enjoying family dinners in that space.


Poorly lit rooms can be a turnoff for most buyers, especially during evenings or overcast days, and dark corners can make a room feel smaller. To brighten up a room, add more light fixtures. Open or remove window treatments, trim any trees or shrubs blocking the windows, or repaint darker rooms with a color that reflects light.


Today we are seeing and growing segment of buyers willing to spend the extra money to get an updated and well maintained home that is in move-in-ready condition. Making strategic investments in your home will increase your equity, and help sell your home faster and for more money.



When it comes to selling your home, it is in your best interest to take the advice of the experts. I know how to price your home so it will sell quickly and for the best possible price. I use professionals such as home stagers, contactors, and inspectors, so taking their advice will not only get your home sold more quickly, but it will increase your equity as well.


Most buyers who are interested in your home will view it within the first two weeks after the listing is published. This is your best chance to get an offer from an active buyer who has been out looking for just the right home. There are many agents who “jump the gun” and activate MLS listings before they are ready, including publishing without any photos of the home!


For variety of reasons, some sellers prefer not to have a for sale yard sign. Home buyers routinely explore neighborhoods without an agent and will drive right past your listing and call on the one down the street. A yard sign can significantly improve your chance of attracting the right buyer who already likes your neighborhood!


The easier the home is to show, the more showings you will have. The more conditions that a seller makes, before an agent can show a home, the fewer showings. Unfortunately, buyers don’t always plan ahead and want to see homes on their schedule. The closer they are to making a buying decision, the more impatient they will be.

Are you fit to sell? Check out these great videos to help you prepare!

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